July 10, 2022

Japanese language students compete in Toyama Cup Speech Contest

Students in the LC Japanese program succeed in Japanese Speech Contest!

Two students in LC’s Japanese program, Lucus Carmichael-Tanaka (Junior at Reed College), and Elizabeth Grieve ’25 competed in the 2nd and 1st division respectively, to challenge their Japanese ability as well as share their perspectives on Japanese culture and society. Lucus talked about his adventures in Japan as a Japanese-American, sharing his experiences which were challenging, yet inspired him to better understand Japanese language and culture so that he can be more integrated into the Japanese society. Elizabeth shared her love for theater plays, comparing the differences in gender perspectives on stage between Japan and the U.S.

Both Lucas and Elizabeth did a great job, successfully articulating a wide range of ideas and skillfully expressing their emotions for their respective topics. As a result, Lucus won the second place in the 2nd division. Elizabeth also excellently demonstrated the fruits of her commitment to Japanese study.

The Toyama Cup Speech Contest is an annual Japanese speech contest co-sponsored by the Toyama Prefectural Government of Japan and the Japan-America Society of Oregon. It is for college students who are studying Japanese in Oregon, with the purpose of fostering friendships between Oregon and its sister-state, Toyama Prefecture in Japan.

This year, the 26th annual Toyama Cup Japanese speech contest was held back in April the 23rd on Zoom. Participants are divided into two divisions depending on their proficiency level, and this year, students from Lewis & Clark College, Pacific University, Reed College, University of Oregon, and Willamette University competed in the contest, conveying their passion for Japan and Japanese culture in their 3-5 minute speech, answering questions from the judges and the audience.

Many thanks to LC Japanese instructors, Satomi Newsom and Yoshiko Reynolds who dedicated many hours to support Lucas and Elizabeth and establishing a great rapport along the way. Congratulations!