October 06, 2022

Research Project on the New Demographics of Gun Ownership

I’m an anthropologist in Lewis & Clark’s Department of Sociology and Anthropology. After decades of research on state-society relations in China, I’m starting a US-based research project that addresses similar issues of citizenship, but turns a lens to the issue of gun ownership.

Over the last several years, starting with the onset of the pandemic, and through the growth of right-wing extremist and racial justice movements, gun sales have skyrocketed in the US. While gun sales typically increase during contentious political eras and events, this particular increase is unique in that 40% of the purchasers are new gun owners. Many of these are not among the historically more “typical” owners, but are skewing more liberal on the political spectrum, and include more women, POC, and members of the LGBTQ+ community than earlier demographics.

My research looks at this new demographic. I’m interested in conducting interviews with members of this demographic (new gun owners and/or those who have owned guns before but are members of this demographic), seeking to understand the cultures of gun ownership beyond what has been assumed to be the norm. I’m also interested in talking with those who might be considered “gun curious” but have not yet taken the step.

If you or anyone you know (both in and outside the Portland area) fits this demographic and might be interested in chatting with me, please let me know or pass along my contact information: hubbert@lclark.edu or 360-904-2886 (text or call).

All research is confidential, no names and/or identifying information are attached to the data.

Thanks in advance, Jennifer

Jennifer Hubbert (she/her), PhD
Professor, Anthropology and Asian Studies
Department of Sociology and Anthropology