March 22, 2023

Earthrise Students Coordinate a Conversation on Renewables

Congratulations to current Earthrise students Casey Bage (3L) and Glenda Valdez (3L) for organizing an excellent event last week, “Build First, Ask Questions Later.” 

The event involved a panel discussion of the interplay between conservation, environmental justice, and thoughtful renewable energy development. Casey and Glenda organized this panel through the Wyss Scholars program. Last year, Casey and Glenda were selected as Wyss Scholars by law school faculty and staff because of their past, present, and future personal and professional commitment to the field of conservation, and their potential for future leadership in the area. It is quite an honor to be selected as a Wyss Scholar. Congratulations to Casey and Glenda for that achievement and for organizing a wonderful event last week. You make Earthrise proud!