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Multimedia: Pioneer Athletics shine in student-created video series

March 25, 2010

  • A still from Remy Neymarc's rowing video trailer

Remy Neymarc ’12 is drawing on his talent as a photographer to create a series of inspiring videos about Pioneer Athletics.

Offering a glimpse of the experiences of Lewis & Clark student-athletes, the videos feature students in action, set against the Northwest’s lush natural backdrop.

Neymarc’s first completed video offers a taste of things to come: this brief trailer featuring the men’s rowing team is a preview of Neymarc’s longer video projects that will debut later this year.

“For the rowing video, I shot all the scenes myself, tripod-mounted in the motorboat,” Neymarc said. “The editing I did progressively, practice after practice as the scenes came in—about twenty hours overall. We’re missing too many scenes to make the official video I have in mind, but in a few weeks I will be going back out to shoot more important scenes for the video. I hope to make a difference in the rowing community by giving it the attention it deserves.”

Neymarc was hired by the Department of Athletics to create three separate videos: one showcasing all 19 Pioneer teams, one featuring Lewis & Clark’s athletics facilities, and one offering visual interpretations of the mission of athletics at Lewis & Clark.

“We found Remy almost by mistake,” said Monica Baker, assistant director of athletic development. “I was looking for photographs to incorporate into a project and noticed some amazing rowing photos displayed on the rowing bulletin board. After speaking with our rowing coach, I got Remy’s contact information and gave him a call. After I found out he was interested in creating videos, I proposed he create one for the department that incorporated all of our sports and that could be used not only for our fans to enjoy, but in recruiting prospective student-athletes. That one video grew into three.”

The videos, which Neymarc hopes to complete by the end of spring term, benefit from the young filmmaker’s artistry and his perspective.

“As a student, Remy knows what is appealing to prospective students,” Baker said. “His excitement for the project is contagious and his talent amazing. I’ve seen little pieces of the projects he is working on for us so far and can’t wait to see them launched.”

The athletics projects offer Neymarc an opportunity to explore a possible career path as he builds content for a YouTube channel, NeymarcVisuals, that he created with his brother Andrew. Although Andrew is currently studying business in London, Remy considers him an essential creative partner and credits him with assisting on the rowing video from afar. Though the brothers chose to pursue different academic interests, they hope their shared interest in filmmaking will lead to more collaboration.

“I am a double major in psychology and computer science, but I would major in everything if I could,” Remy said. “My brother and I have many video projects in mind and are working hard to fit filmmaking into our academic lives. We aren’t sure of where it is going lead us, but what we do know is we will choose a career that involves being together.”

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