November 02, 2023

EAR (Experimental Art Research) Forest!

Lewis & Clark is now the proud home of a 16-channel audio system nestled in the trees. Sound walks, auditory experiences, storytelling, musical compositions and more will be made available through scheduled programming soon.

The EAR (Experimental Art Research) Forest is located behind Lewis & Clark’s Fields Art Building and the Historic Bathhouse of the Estate Gardens. Nestled in the woods you will find 16 speakers mounted to trees along a path. The project has been funded by an anonymous foundation grant.

Faculty, students and visiting artists will have the opportunity to incorporate the system into classes and events, allowing for dynamic sound works and cross-disciplinary collaborations. The system is programmable to start and stop at specific times, loop as desired, set to be volume sensitive, and play up to 16 different files (one through each speaker) simultaneously.