October 16, 2023

Crime Victim Litigation Clinic Expands Nationwide Impact in 2023

In 2023, the CVLC significantly expanded its scope, operating across seven states and federal jurisdictions. Their efforts extended to various cases and policy initiatives, covering privacy protections, interpreter rights, restorative justice, victim information access, and restitution.

In a year marked by a significant expansion of their caseload and a deepening involvement in crucial legal issues, the Crime Victims Litigation Clinic (CVLC) at Lewis & Clark Law School has solidified its position as a formidable advocate for victims’ rights. With a broad reach spanning seven states and federal cases, the clinic’s work in 2023 has made a remarkable impact on victims’ legal protections and access to justice.

The CVLC’s mission to provide legal support to crime victims took center stage this year as they delved into a diverse range of cases and public policy initiatives across Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, Texas, Massachusetts, and, notably, at the federal level.

One of the prominent issues that the CVLC tackled was the scope of privacy protections under Florida law, a crucial aspect of safeguarding crime victims’ rights. Their legal expertise contributed to clarifying and expanding these protections, ensuring that victims’ privacy is upheld throughout legal proceedings.

Another area of focus for the CVLC in 2023 was the right to an interpreter, a fundamental necessity to ensure that victims can effectively participate in legal processes. By advocating for improved access to interpreters, the clinic has played a vital role in bridging communication gaps and guaranteeing that victims’ voices are heard.

Moreover, the CVLC has been at the forefront of efforts to secure victim access to information, empowering victims with essential knowledge about their cases and legal rights. Through their advocacy, they have helped victims navigate complex legal systems with confidence.

Restitution, a critical aspect of holding offenders accountable for their actions, has been another pivotal issue addressed by the CVLC. Their work has sought to ensure that victims receive the compensation they rightfully deserve, aiding in their recovery and healing.

One of the clinic’s unique strengths lies in its ability to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among students and victim lawyers nationwide. The CVLC provided an invaluable platform for students to collaborate with and learn from victim lawyers nationwide, honing their research and writing skills while gaining insights into the nuances of victims’ rights advocacy.

As the year unfolds, the Crime Victims Litigation Clinic remains steadfast in its dedication to promoting the rights and interests of crime victims. The strides made in 2023 reflect not only the clinic’s commitment but also its potential to effect lasting change in the realm of victims’ rights.

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