November 16, 2023

Miranda DeVore ’15

Secondary Art MAT ’15
Current position: Lake Oswego Junior High, Art Teacher

Miranda DeVore, Secondary Art MAT '15 Miranda DeVore, Secondary Art MAT ’15 Why did you choose to earn your MAT from Lewis & Clark?

I chose to earn my MAT from Lewis and Clark because when talking with family friends who were local educators and administrators they shared their hiring preference for Lewis and Clark grads. They noted their classroom and community readiness because of the strong social justice and collaborative teaching stance that Lewis and Clark candidates come with.

How prepared did you feel as a first year art teacher?

I felt extremely prepared in creating lessons, units, classroom management and working with other teachers. I worked with admin and staff to help take the entire 7th grade class at the time to the art museum in collaboration with the language arts Native American Poetry unit.

I teach middle school students and they are the best age! The are willing to explore and take on risks. Their humor is wild and weird and they are so eager to become a part of their community. I am grateful I get to help them co-create a space to develop their learning and identity.

How do you incorporate social justice into your day to day classroom?

I teach students social emotional skills and communication skills with peers while creating art. By doing this we have a grounding to have more complicated and layered conversations that art brings up. Students are learning about how to access visual stories and reflect back their own. This in and of itself is an act of social justice. I empower students to take up space as individuals and support their peer’s voices. My hope in my classroom is that they know they are valued and their artwork is valued.

Did you receive support during the job application process from your program or faculty? What was that support like?

When embarking on the spring job application process, I received support in crafting my educational philosophy through my classroom management class which helped define how I answered interview questions. My cohort leader Liza Finkel facilitated the practice of elevator pitches in preparation for the spring Job Fairs at Lewis and Clark and at the Convention Center. Amy Turnbull, the art education professor, had us develop professional portfolios of our classroom and personal art work to supplement interviews. I ultimately got my first job following the brief interview I had at the Lewis & Clark Job Fair.

What would you tell a prospective student who is considering applying to the MAT program and becoming an art teacher?

This program will support you at an individual level and will be a community the future. You will be prepared to work with students, colleagues and develop an honest understanding of the education system.