April 02, 2024

Employment Discrimination 338-E


Class Title: Employment Discrimination 338-A
Instructor:  J. Stumpf
Test Date:  Unscheduled, Available April 19 - 24 ONLY


No student may use or access any form of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology during a quiz, midterm, or final exam, unless expressly authorized by the professor teaching the class for which the exam is being taken.


Exam Type:   Non-Secure Blocking Internet

Non-Secure Blocking Internet: The exam-taker has access to all computer files but not to the internet. Students will not be able to access E-Textbooks.


Availability of Exam Questions:

A paper copy of exam questions to be provided to students. Exam to be taken on campus ONLY.


Authorized Materials and Secondary Devices:

The examination is limited open book. You are welcome to use your casebook, supplement, handouts, outlines, class notes, and any printed notes you have prepared yourself or in collaboration with classmates, except for commercial publications or outlines. That is, you may use the casebook and statutory supplement but no other commercial publications. You may not access during the exam prior exam questions or answers.

No secondary devices permitted during the exam. This includes but is not limited to: 2nd computer, phones, smart watches, headphones, electronic dictionaries or any other device that might be capable of connecting to the internet.


May students copy and paste material into the exam?:



Additional Instructions for Students:

Page/character Limits:

For typed exams: no more than 20,000 characters (about 10 double-spaced pages) not including spaces and returns. That is, feel free to use spaces and returns.
As a matter of fairness, I will stop reading the exam beyond the character limit.

1. Your exam answers must be your own work, written during the exam period. You may cut and paste within the exam for purposes of editing your answers. You may not, however, paste into the exam any material from your hard drive or any other source.

2. Making a copy of the exam questions is an Honor Code violation and points will be deducted for doing so. Some students may be taking the same or a similar exam at a later date or time than you are, so do not discuss the exam or share its content or the content of your answers in any way until exams are over.