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The Wayless Path, The Pathless Way: Tao, Zen, and The Journey

April 25, 2010

Red Bear, shaman, will share teachings and stories from the Tao, Zen, and Journey traditions. The stories told by Red Bear are not the communication of words, but the sharing of teachings, learnings, meaning, and wisdom. The stories Red Bear shares recreate in the present moment the magic and mystery of the oral tradition—before the written word, television, movies, and computer screens.

Everyone is encouraged to come join the passion, humor, joy, saddness, and suspense of this adventure in shared stories, hosted by STAND.

About STAND:

This special event is hosted by STAND, the student anti-genocide coalition, which offers the following description: “If the world is saved, if will be not by old minds with new programs but by new minds with no programs at all” (Dan Quinn, Ishmael). It is in the spirit of this teaching that, while STAND continues to initiate and participate in programs of outer change, we also seek to engender inner change, growth, and awareness for the positive effects it will bring to positive community involvement.

About Red Bear:

Kevin Red Bear Dubrow has studied Zen, Taoism, and Jungian psychology since 1970. He holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from Baruch College (1974) and a masters in social work (1976), and he completed doctoral course work and exams at the University of Chicago (1982). In the last 34 years, he has conducted hundreds of workshops and seminars across the country on more than 40 themes and topics. Since 1976, he has utilized his own approach to mentoring older adolescents, young adults, and adults using Jungian Wisdom, Zen, Taoism, and many traditional counseling, therapy, and social work models. Red Bear feels that there must be great laughter and wonderful stories, and he is known for his ability to help others understand and work with youth, teenagers, and adults. Learn more at his website.

Event details:

When: April 25, lecture from 1:30-3:30 p.m., followed by Q&A

Where: Templeton Campus Center, Council Chamber

Cost: Free

Contact: For more information about STAND, contact For event questions, contact

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