May 06, 2024

Belonging May Resource

Part 2, of the Brené Brown Podcast: “The Heart of Leadership.”

Continuing the conversation, Part 2 delves deeper into the importance of belonging and how to create an environment where everyone feels like they can bring their whole selves to a space. The speakers also discuss the challenges of speaking up about social and political issues at work, and how to navigate these challenges. They also talk about the importance of self-care and restoration, and how to find balance in this work.

The podcast highlights the importance of belonging as a core aspect of DEIB work. It emphasizes that creating a culture of belonging is not just about being nice, but it’s essential for reducing harm and fostering an environment where everyone feels safe to bring their authentic selves. The discussions also address the challenges faced in creating such a space, including the difficulty of open self-reflection and navigating activism in the workplace.

The Heart of Leadership Part 2