June 28, 2024

Google Appointment Slots Transition to Schedules

Google’s improved appointment scheduling feature, Appointment Schedules, will replace Appointment Slots on July 18, 2024. This update provides more flexible and efficient scheduling by allowing users to create multiple booking schedules with customizable time slots that others can book directly.

Users must manually switch to Appointment Schedules, as existing Appointment Slots will not transfer automatically.


If you do not use Google Appointment Slots, there is no impact to you. However, read more to learn about Google’s new Appointment Schedules feature, as this may be a useful tool from our Google Suite. Google Calendar’s appointment scheduling feature allows you to create and manage time slots that others can book with you.

Some of you may have already made the move from Google Appointment Slots to Appointment Schedules. If you’ve already made the switch, read more about recent updates.

Switch From Appointment Slots to Appointment Schedules

Important: Your existing Appointment Slots don’t transfer automatically to Appointment Schedules.

Until July 17, 2024, you can still create, book, and delete Appointment Slots. However, we recommend transitioning to Appointment Schedules, as soon as possible by following the steps below. Starting July 18, 2024, you can no longer use or book Appointment Slots. To allow others to schedule appointments on your calendar, you can use Appointment Schedules.

  What Are the Benefits of the New Appointment Schedules Feature?

You can set specific times for office hours and other appointments and tailor the duration of each appointment schedule. Whether you prefer short 15-minute check-ins or longer advising sessions, this feature lets you customize booking pages to meet your needs.

Use Cases

 For the full details, please go to Create an appointment schedule on Google’s support page.


To get help with Google Appointment Schedules or switching from Slots to Schedules, please contact the IT Service Desk by sending an email to ITService@lclark.edu.