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Law Pacific Environmental Advocacy Center (PEAC)

PEAC Class of 2011

January 12, 2011

  • Marcel Gesmundo, Tara Gallagher, Amy Van Saun, Bobbie Traverso Estes, Dennis Mooney, John Krallman, Eleanor Garretson, Lizzy Zultoski. Henry LeSueur, Elizabeth Lieberknecht, Johanna Lathrop, Jessica Johnson, Jennifer O'Brien, Ashley MacKenzie, Ben Shelton, Kieran O'Donnell, Cathy Lee, Logan Hollers.

PEAC offers hands-on opportunities for law students to be involved in real-world practical advocacy at a level unmatched by clinical programs around the nation.

The PEAC experience is cited as a leading reason for aspiring environmental attorneys to chose Lewis & Clark Law School.

Where law school graduates and associates at private firms rarely lead or litigate federal cases until many years into their careers, PEAC law students consult, research, draft and attend agency, state and federal arguments all the way up to the Ninth Circuit and, in one case, the Supreme Court.