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Education professor urges collaboration in environmental movement

June 25, 2010

Professor of Teacher Education Greg Smith penned an op-ed urging teachers, activists, and nonprofits to collaborate on solutions to environmental challenges.

A leader in the field of environmental education, Smith received a grant in 2009 to train Oregon teachers to incorporate sustainability issues into their classrooms and help them implement school or community projects to enhance local natural and social environments.

Given the convergence of environmental and economic crises, Smith argues that individuals and organizations concerned about the environment now need to find ways to do more with fewer resources.

“We focus so heavily on the activities of our own organizations and the ongoing need to find financial support for them that it’s difficult to look very far beyond our own range of focus,” Smith writes.

He suggests that the key to overcoming these odds is to seek mutual understanding and identify opportunities to collaborate with other local and regional groups with shared goals.

Learn more about Smith’s work in environmental education in this video feature.


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