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Success of alternative transportation program reveals commitment to sustainability

September 27, 2007

(Portland, Ore.)—The problem facing Mark Morgan, director of Transportation & Parking, would be a dream in almost any other city. As the campus swelled with the back-to-school rush this month, Lewis & Clark suffered a parking crunch of the green era: campus didn’t have enough bike parking to meet the community’s demand.

The college’s commitment to alternative transportation and participation in this year’s Bike Commute Challenge mean that more students and staff are pedaling their way to school this year than ever before. Transportation & Parking has placed bike racks around several academic and institutional buildings, but increasing demand for bike parking has outpaced the limited supply, which can accommodate up to 586 bicycles.

“The surge in demand is a welcomed challenge,” Morgan said. “We’ve significantly increased our capacity for bicycle parking in the past two years, and we will continue to review the campus’s needs and make changes accordingly.”

Recently, students took creative steps to find substitute parking, even leaving their bikes inside buildings and locking them to handrails. The Transportation & Parking office notified students that bikes would be impounded if not parked in appropriate places, but further review demonstrated that an insufficient number of bike racks on South Campus left students no choice. In response, Transportation & Parking has ordered six new racks and reaffirmed its commitment to a proactive alternative transportation program.

“We want to encourage the community to take advantage of the progressive transportation options available at Lewis & Clark,” Morgan said. “In addition to bike parking, we offer free shuttle service to areas of Portland, discounted carpool parking and discounted Tri-Met bus passes. The success of these alternatives shows how committed Lewis & Clark community members are to keeping themselves and the environment healthy.”

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