December 02, 2010

Law professor weighs in on Portland terror case

In the wake of a foiled Portland bomb plot, media outletsare turning to professor Tung Yin for his expertise in terrorism law.

In the wake of a foiled plot to blow up Portland’s tree lighting ceremony, media outlets are turning to Lewis & Clark law professor Tung Yin for his expertise in terrorism law.

Yin’s scholarly work focuses primarily on domestic legal issues arising out of the United States’ military and prosecutorial responses to the 9/11 attacks, and he teaches courses in national security law, criminal law, and criminal procedure.

In the following news stories, Yin brings his expertise to bear on the case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a teenager accused of devising a plot to blow up a bomb at the tree lighting ceremony in downtown Portland on November 26.

The Oregonian, Dec. 5: Portland bomb plot case likely to serve as primer on entrapment, FBI sting issues

KGW, “Straight Talk,” Dec. 4: Looking into the Tree Bombing Plot

Portland Tribune, Dec. 2: Homegrown terror: A threat from within

KGW, “Live @ 7,” Nov. 30: Law Professor Explains Entrapment

KATU, Nov. 30: Entrapment test clear, but glitch may muddy it

KTTH, Nov. 29:  “The David Boze Show”

KGW, Nov. 29: Why wait so long to arrest terror suspect?

Portland Tribune, Nov. 28: Did the FBI trick bomb suspect?

CBS News, Nov. 27: Student Under Arrest for Trying to Blow up Bomb in Portland

On his blog, Yin writes about current issues in the law; he has created a new section for his analysis of the Portland case.