Congratulations, Graduates of 2008

Commencement ceremonies from the three schools.

Undergraduate College

Commencement: May 11
Degree awarded: BA
Number of graduates: 460
Guest speaker: Greg Mortensen, coauthor of the New York Times best-selling book Three Cups of Tea and champion for children’s education in the remote mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Memorable quote: “Peace involves having the courage to love, to have compassion, to be able to forgive and reconcile, and sometimes to push conventional wisdom so there can be tolerance and hope for all of us.”

To watch the 2008 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony, click here.

2008 graduation 2 w09

Greg Mortensen & Rep. John Lewis w09

School of Law

Commencement: May 24
Degrees awarded: JD; LLM in Environmental and Natural Resources Law
Number of graduates: 237
Guest speaker: U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, a pivotal leader in the civil rights movement who led sit-in demonstrations at segregated businesses, participated in the Freedom Rides, founded and later chaired the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, and served alongside Martin Luther King Jr. as one of the “Big Six” leaders of the movement.
Memorable quote: “As law students, as you prepare to leave this great law school, you must go out and get in trouble. You must stand up and speak and speak out and defend the rights of all humankind. That is your calling. That is your mission. That is your mandate.”

To watch the 2008 Law School Commencement Ceremony, click here.

mom grad & Chris Crutcher w09

Graduate School of Education and Counseling

Commencement: June 1
Degrees awarded: Ed.D.; MEd; MAT; MA in Counseling Psychology; Ed.S. in School Psychology
Number of graduates: 254
Guest speaker: Chris Crutcher, award-winning author of adolescent fiction who has also worked as a therapist and child protection advocate.
Memorable quote: “You’ve already learned–or will soon learn–that there’s little more important in the disciplines of education and counseling than human connection. Those of us capable of opening ourselves up to that connection will help.”

To watch the 2008 Graduate School Commencement Ceremony, click here.

2008 graduation 3 w09