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Landscapes of Migration

April 28, 2009

Attendees listen attentively to the poetry and prose of students retracing faded footprints of migration at Lewis & Clark’s Race Monologues event. Niccolo Jose CAS ‘09, a student from the Philippines, reads aloud, “With the deepest pain in the past, and the greatest glory, I walk this earth with my country’s untold stories.”

Telling the untold stories of migrants in America was part of the theme for last November’s Ray Warren Multicultural Symposium, in which the Race Monologues was a featured event. Titled “Landscapes of Migration,” the symposium featured speakers and events that explored beyond the political stigma associated with the word “immigrant” to the cultural and historical legacy of migration in America.

“While Mexican immigration certainly receives the bulk of the media’s attention and political criticism, migration to and within the United States is much more complex and diverse,” said Myriah Heddens CAS ‘09, one of the student cochairs. “We gathered panelists and keynote speakers who have integrated discussions that focus on why people migrate, how it affects culture and identity, and the sociopolitical issues tied to migration in the U.S.”

The Multicultural Symposium is an annual event that focuses on issues surrounding race and ethnicity, and strives to increase the Lewis & Clark community’s awareness of cultural history, ethnic identity, and knowledge of social issues impacting minority communities locally and nationally.

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