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January 18, 2011

  • Ethan Siegel

What does our galaxy smell like? How afraid of asteroids should we really be? How does universe make the building blocks of life?

Ethan Siegel, visiting assistant professor of physics, tackles these and other mind-expanding topics in his blog, which was recently named Best Physics Blog in the World.

Siegel’s blog, “Starts With a Bang,” earned the People’s Choice award as well as the prize from judges in a contest hosted by

Eclipsing competition from Wired and Discover, Siegel scored top marks for his humorous and accessible explanations of the mysteries of the universe. Judges lauded his knack for “tackling subjects that leave many bewildered and explaining them in straightforward language.”

In the three years since Siegel began blogging, his site has accrued more than 2 million page views and 10,000 comments.

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