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Class Notes - 1950s

This edition of Class Notes includes law submissions through February 24, 2010, and undergraduate and graduate submissions through September 9, 2010.


Arts & Sciences Reunion June 23-26, 2011

Robert Weiss JD was a guest of honor and principal speaker at the U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Denver in November 2009. Weiss, a U.S. Army veteran of World War II, spoke on “The Brotherhood of Arms Transcends Uniforms.” He shared his experience at the battle of Mortain in Normandy, where his unit was surrounded by an elite German division for six days.


James Annala BA spent his first three years after graduation as a Navy bandsman on a NATO base in Naples, Italy. He later earned an M.A. from Portland State University. In 1960 he began teaching music in the McMinnville School District. He also taught instrumental music at George Fox University in Newberg for several years and played in the orchestra there until 2006. He and his wife, Evelyn, married in the 1960s, and their son, Carl, was born that decade. When Jim retired in 1989, the couple relocated to Dundee. Today, two of Annala’s favorite activities are fishing and playing in orchestras. He also enjoys stamp collecting, listening to records, and gardening.

James Paul BA is president and cofounder of the Academy of Music Northwest in Bellevue, Washington, a pre-college classical music school for ages 4 to 18, established in 1997. The academy is dedicated to preparing area students for admission to the country’s top music schools and conservatories. It engages 125 students in music studies and performance in 12 instrumental and choral ensembles and chamber orchestra.

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