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Marriages and Unions

January 26, 2011

Jason Stanford B.A. ’92 and Sonia Van Meter, November 2009, with his two sons and two brothers standing next to him. He has since discovered that a happy marriage is not a myth.

MacKenzie Howard B.A. ’98 and Audrey Brumbach, April 18, 2010, in San Francisco.

Brenna Dorrance B.A. ’01 and David Tinkler, July 19, 2009, in Montana. Elizabeth Ervin Scott B.A. ’01 and Sarah Singleton Schroedel B.A. ’00 were bridesmaids. Those attending included Michelle Loh B.A. ’01, Jay Friends B.S. ’93, Sherron Stonecypher B.S. ’92, director of conferences and events at Lewis & Clark, and Richard Peck, professor emeritus of international affairs. The couple live in the United Kingdom.

Lindsay Kohn B.A. ’03 and Jonathan Suttin, August 28, 2010, in Madison, Wisconsin.

Melody Rynerson B.A. ’06 and Ira Palmer, June 26, 2010, in Seattle. Marie Burns B.A. ’05 and Melody’s uncle, Robert Rynerson B.A. ’68, attended.

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