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OS Upgrade Advice: Mountain Lion

September 21, 2012

  • Mountain Lion
    Mountain Lion

The end of July brought us “Mountain Lion,” another big cat operating system (OS) from the fine folks at Apple. Operating system upgrades, both for Windows and Macintosh, can provide many useful and fun features, but also many crippling side effects.

While Mountain Lion may come standard on the newest MacBooks and iMacs, this does not necessarily mean our environment is ready for it. At this time, we recommend that users refrain from voluntary upgrades to Mountain Lion until we have the chance to determine how best to integrate it into our environment.

As much as Lewis & Clark is a leading Liberal Arts institution, we are still an “enterprise” environment. This means we have computers that must be as reliable and functional as possible. L&C computers are different than a personal computer in that they must bind with Active Directory (which manages our usernames and passwords), function within a domain, work with files on a networked file server, and access Colleague. Any one of these pieces can break with a major OS upgrade, effectively crippling your computer and disrupting your work.

As an educational institution, we must balance between progress and reliability. We want to move forward, but we must do so with caution and careful testing. Sometimes having the latest and greatest means having it a few months late, perhaps even a few years.

If you have purchased a new Apple computer and are concerned that you may have compatibility issues with our network services, don’t hesitate to contact us for support.