Meredith Goddard

Adjunct Instructor, Co-Director Circular Innovation Challenge, IT Director of Enterprise Applications

Meredith owns Five Years In, an initiative that creates programs, workshops, partnerships, and strategies to prepare young people for leadership in the future of work. She is the founder of Portland’s largest entrepreneurship challenge for high school students, a work-based learning program in partnership with a farmer’s market, and a platform to connect young people with leadership and learning opportunities in the community. She has written widely about the future of work and new models for work-based learning. She has taught in the classroom for 10 years and teaches workshops and classes on personal finance, the 4th industrial revolution, innovation, and the gig economy. She loves building partnerships. She is currently the Director of Youth Innovation Programming for the McMinnville Economic Development Partnership. Holding a BA from Carleton College and a masters degree from Duke University, Meredith is also an avid reader, block party organizer, runner, mom and partner, chocolate lab lover, dreamer and doer, feminist, and futurist.