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Employer: Portland Insight Meditation Center/Community (PIMC)

Contact Name: K. Avi Klepper


Contact Phone503.771.4123

Job Category: Childcare

Job Location: 6536 SE Duke St., Portland OR 97206

Job Description

The Children’s Education Program for the Portland Insight Meditation Community (PIMC) is designed to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for the children of PIMC community members. Children are cared for using the core principles of the Buddha’s teachings, with emphasis on: mindfulness and compassion. PIMC is a 501c3 non-profit and open Buddhist community that aims to help reduce suffering in the world. PIMC welcomes people of all faiths, orientations, genders, abilities, ages, and racial/cultural backgrounds. Founded by Guiding Teacher Robert Beatty, PIMC has been serving the Portland area for more than 20 years. The PIMC children’s program hours are from 10 am until 12 pm on Sundays. The teacher arrives on-site at 9:30 am for room preparation and to greet parents and children. They will also remain on site until 12:30 in order to connect with parents and other members of the community during the social time. Our program typically gets in the range of 2-10 children each Sunday, with the number of children and age range varying unpredictably. The minimum age is 3 years old, with a maximum age of 12. With the position having only 3 hours of classroom time plus one-hour of planning time each week, this position provides an excellent opportunity for an early education student to get some hands-on experience that would easily fit in with an academic schedule. Responsibilities · Work with community volunteer who will assist in lesson and program planning using already documented lesson plans in the PIMC Children’s Program binder. · Create a consistent program that encourages more consistency of attendance based on positive feelings by both parents and children. · Introduce core Buddhist teachings in simple age appropriate ways. · Lead activities appropriate for ages 3-12 while maintaining a safe and calm environment · Organize the children to lead the sangha (the adults attending the dharma talk) in the closing song, under Robert’s guidance. · Greet all parents and children as they arrive · Record the lesson plan for each week. · Manage Children’s Program volunteers · Maintain up-to-date release forms and records for every child[LL1] · Maintain and keep current attendance and registration records in our online spreadsheet. · Maintain the children’s room in clean and orderly condition

Job Qualifications

The teacher for this program need not be a Buddhist, but would need to have basic cultural competency in the Buddhist principles that PIMC promotes. The ideal candidate would have elementary classroom teaching experience and would be comfortable working with a range of ages in a single class. Additionally, the best teacher for this position would feel comfortable working collaboratively with parents and volunteers. The head of the PIMC Children’s Education Program is a teacher, not simply a day-care provider. For that limited time with the children, the teacher not only models the PIMC core principles in the way she treats the children, but also finds ways to explicitly talk with the children about those core principles.

Hours/Shifts: 4 Hrs/Wk

Pay: $20/Hr

Application Process

Please submit a resume and cover letter to Avi at the email address above. We are looking to set up interviews ASAP and hoping to hire someone before the end of March

Start Date: 04/14/2019

Application Deadline: 03/31/2019

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