Wendy Levy Rush


Wendy Levy Rush BA ’91 lives near Boston with her husband, Eliot. They have two kids; one is a junior at the University of Connecticut, and the other is a junior in high school. Rush is an eighth-grade science teacher in Dover, Massachusetts.


Wendy Rush BA ’91 writes that she’s an eighth-grade science teacher in the Dover-Sherborn (Massachusetts) Public Schools and is “loving it!”


Wendy Levy Rush BA ’91, who earned her MEd in fall 2020, is an eighth-grade science teacher in Dover, Massachusetts. Her daughter, Isabella, is in her first year of high school, and her son, Colby, is in his first year of college.


Wendy Levy Rush BA ’91, who is on track to earn her master’s degree in education in June 2020, recently became licensed to teach middle school science. Rush lives in Boston with her husband, Eliot, and two teenagers, Colby and Isabella. Colby will graduate from high school in May, and Isabella will start high school in September.


Wendy Levy Rush BA ’91 is pursuing a master’s degree in education to become a middle school science teacher in Massachusetts. She has been working in a middle school for five years now and loves interacting with kids of this age. In the summer, Rush is a group head counselor in charge of incoming second-graders. Wendy has been happily married to Eliot Rush for 19 years and has two beautiful children, who are 17 (a rising senior) and 13 1/2 (a rising eighth-grader).