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Brook Detterman JD ’09

  • 04/28/2019

    Brook Detterman JD ’09 writes, “It’s probably not surprising that Beveridge & Diamond, as the country’s largest environmental law firm, has six Lewis & Clark alums on staff. Rest assured that we’re all putting our L&C training to good use, and on a very wide range of issues, including renewable energy projects, drinking water contamination and, of course, the full spectrum of environmental litigation. Here are five of us at our recent law firm retreat. From left to right: Brook Detterman JD ’09, Boston office; Susan Smith JD ’97, San Francisco office; Katrina Krebs JD ’18, Washington, D.C., office; Tim Sullivan JD ’00, Baltimore office; and Jake Duginski JD ’15, San Francisco office. Not shown: Erika Holsman JD ’08, Seattle office.”