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Templeton TriMet Stop

  • TriMet & Pio Express Shuttle Stop
  • TriMet & Pio Express Shuttle Stop
  • Trimet 39

Trimet Stop (Templeton)

TriMet Stop ID: 12729

Lewis & Clark College is served by the city’s 

The 39 provides weekday service between Lewis & Clark College, Burlingame and Hillsdale, along Palatine Hill Road, Terwilliger, Spring Garden, Barbur, Bertha and Capitol Highway.

Lewis & Clark issues faculty, staff and current students with TriMet Hop Cards. The College provides a 75% subsidy for the cost of monthly TriMet Bus Passes purchased for use by eligible students, faculty, and staff of the College. 

The discount is accessible through the college’s parking portal. TriMet bus passes are discounted 75%. 

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Route 39 Route Map