Law Campus Eastbound TriMet Stop

TriMet Stop ID: 5797
SW Terwilliger Boulevard

As of August 27, 2023, Lewis & Clark is served by TriMet Line 35T (Macadam/Terwilliger). This public bus line runs from Lewis & Clark Law School to the South Waterfront, Portland City Center, the Steel Bridge, North Portland, and the University of Portland via SW Terwilliger Boulevard, SW Taylors Ferry Road, S Macadam Avenue, S Arthur Street, SW 1st Avenue, SW Harrison Street, SW 6th Avenue, NW Everett Street, N Interstate Avenue, N Greeley Avenue, N Peninsular Avenue, N Willis Street, and N Portsmouth Avenue.

Lewis & Clark students, faculty, and staff can purchase TriMet Hop Fastpass™ cards at a 75-percent discount through Lewis & Clark’s parking portal.

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