Araya Rodriguez

Indigo Araya Rodriguez

UWC attended: United World College Costa Rica
Class Year: Class of 2023

Raised in two beautiful and completely different places in Costa Rica, I grew up mostly in the city of San José but I also spent many summers in the farm of my grandparents in the north side of the country where mountains have a different type of green that takes your breath away. After being blessed with the duality of the hectic sounds of the city and the peaceful songs of the birds, deciding which college I should apply to was made clear that I needed a place that could offer me the best of both worlds. Lewis & Clark was evidently « the one » from the beginning. A place that offered both the calm of a small community in the middle of the forest and all the opportunities an urban setting can offer for an architecture and coffee lover like me.


After attending UWC Costa Rica and accessing an international experience from my home country, I felt the need to study abroad as a way to understand more deeply all the diversity I discovered at UWC. From learning how to share a room, to spend hours talking in the stone tables outside of the cafeteria. UWCCR forged in me the best qualities I didn’t even know I possessed.  My love for the creation of social projects with teenagers grew exponentially and my fascination for the nature of human power dynamics went wild. I’m grateful for the amazing people I met there. They let me discover how passionate I am about Gender Studies and pushed me to find how it is interconnected with Arts, my biggest love since I was a child.

At this point in the internal growth enhanced by UWC, I have only one thing clear: the power of music. Music connects people. It is the universal language. It doesn’t know about borders. And have a strong desire for making music available for myself and others. I feel the necessity of using melodies to touch those in need of hope and a brighter future. I plan to study both Music and Gender Studies (maybe Theater as well). However, my personal goal is to combine these disciplines in, what I have allowed myself to name, the ultimate “teaching methodology”. This project I plan to develop while in L&C, will allow me to find a way to teach people with alternative learning methodologies. To make both academic and artistic education a pillar in the multidisciplinary education web. I want to especially focus on those who have been left behind by the traditional educational systems.


Apart from my academic goals, I look forward to participating in different organizations and volunteering programs related to LGBTQI+ Community, Indigenous Rights, ukulele and debate while in college. Regarding my hobbies, you will likely find in an impromptu photoshoot of anything that moves (or not) around campus, just like the good amateur photographer I am. As well as trying any single craft that gets to my hands, lately it has been jewelry. But who knows? It might be macrame or quilting next week.