Juan Martin Lopez Melendez

UWC attended: Armand Hammer United World College of the American West (USA)
Class Year: Class of 2023

My name is Martin, I was born in Michoacán, Mexico and I live in southern California. There are a lot of things I enjoyed while at UWC-USA, but one of the things that really stayed with me was meeting people from all over the world. Having friends from so many places allowed me to be more open minded and understand the world better. Besides that, the people there made my experience the best because I met people who are passionate, caring, that I know I will be able to work with in the future, and that helped me to achieve many of my dreams.

 Another institution with similar values and with a diverse student body was one of the main points to choosing Lewis and Clark. My passions are languages and dance and looking at the academic offerings of Lewis and Clark, it called my attention with no doubt. At Lewis and Clark, my plan is to major in World Languages because since I gained this passion for languages it has been my dream to learn more languages and having the opportunity that Lewis and Clark offers to learn languages such as Russian leads me to pursue this career. I also plan to continue dancing and probably take it as a minor.

 I have a lot of different hobbies that I like to do depending on my mood, some of them are: studying languages, reading, going to the gym, running, listening to music, going for a walk, hanging out with friends and my favorite, dancing. Let me know if you want to dance!!! Something interesting about me is that did jojutsu for two years and I am currently learning bojutsu. I would love to find someone to practice with.

My travels have been mainly in the US and Mexico. Fun fact: even though I was born in Mexico I have been in more states in the US than in Mexico. I also had the opportunity to travel with the program Student Diplomacy Corps to Madrid, Spain and the autonomous community of the Basque country in northern Spain and Southern France.

 At Lewis and Clark I hope to meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends. In the academic part, I hope to study more languages, become fluent in them, and open my mind to new knowledge. Finally, I hope to have an amazing 4 year journey that will change my life as much as UWC did.