Andrea Previsic

UWC attended: United World College of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Class Year: Class of 2023

I’ve spent the past two years in UWCiM and I have enjoyed every single moment in there. But, what I enjoyed the most is undoubtedly the people. Sharing the classrooms, dorms and everyday routines with that many people of such different backgrounds, enriched with different experience, made me grow in terms of knowledge of the world but also knowledge of myself, and helped me establish viewpoints and opinions. However, what I cherish the most about the UWCiM is the proximity, connections and intimacy I have developed with the people that taught me to love, respect and appreciate more than I thought I was capable of.

Living in the UWC community, I’ve realized that it’s a combination of numerous little and bigger things that make a place suitable for me. And, the majority of these little and big things and details that I view as important, fell together in a line in Lewis and Clark. On one side there’s the natural and environmental spirit that embraces the college in terms of its green surrounding, but also embraces the community with the values of sustainability and nature. On the other side, there’s the academic adequacy and sophistication that I recognized-skilled faculty, approachable staff members, and the quality of the courses I was interested in. Then, there’s the perfectly sized community, just as I imagined. There’s spirit of the College that appears challenging, but supportive, persistent and resourceful. And of course, among all the other reasons, the spirit and nature of Portland is like a treat.

I have already mentioned the quality of the courses I was interested in as one of the reasons I was drawn to Lewis & Clark. The courses I thought of are Psychology, that I plan to major in, and I am considering pursuing degrees in International Affairs and Neuroscience as well. To answer the question why those, I think the best reason I can give is because investigating the human mind and human behavior is something that sets my soul on fire. I believe that all the questions that humanity can, in fact, be answered by investigation of the mind. The answer to why I am considering International Affairs lies in the fact that I find the study of crime and criminal justice as intriguing as of the mind and behavior.

Generally, looking at my overall academic interests, I am interested in behavioristics, cognition and neuroscience, forensics and international affairs/law.

Besides academics, I enjoy outdoors activities ranging from simply jogging or bike riding a bike, hiking, kayaking, swimming, or horse-riding. I also enjoy reading, learning, listening to music and I could say watching movies or shows. Above all, I enjoy laughing, hanging out, dancing and exploring with people I love around me, whether it is in the form of a coffee shop, on a beach, in the wilderness or a dorm room.

Although I guess I seem relatively serious, if there’s one interesting thing about me, I believe that would be the fact that, when I’m truly happy about something, I get excited like kids over toys, or candy or Disneyland.