Davit Sargsyan

UWC attended: United World College of Dilijan (Armenia)
Class Year: Class of 2023

If you really want to see me telling you something exciting and thrilling, ask me about my UWC experience. We all came to UWC Dilijan as people with big ambitions, goals, expectations, and dreams and left that place with sorrow in our hearts as that place became a home, a party-hub, a school, a place of creation of the strongest friendships, countless arguments and discussions, a huge pot of emotions, deep-meaning conversations and of course unforgettable memories.


For an ordinary guy born and raised in the capital of a small, mountainous and extremely soulful country called Armenia, UWC Dilijan was a major breakthrough and it truly shaped my personality and made me the person I am today. Moving out from home at the age of 16 was indeed an interesting experience and it was one of the major factors for my growth. I got to know myself better and that helped me understand the world around me better. Before UWC I hardly ever thought about human nature and the way we coexist together in a common space. UWCD gave me that opportunity. When I found myself in an environment of 80+ nationalities I felt a variety of emotions at the same time. I was thrilled, surprised, anxious but extremely happy. Living inside this abundancy of nationalities, perspectives, values, and ideas is definitely not the easiest task. The greatest accomplishment that I had in UWCD was the fact that I learned how to keep my own identity, values, and ideas while learning from others and contributing my ideas and perspective for a common goal.


UWC Dilijan challenged my skills as a student, as a useful community member and of course as a friend.

My favorite aspect of UWC would probably be the service to the community. It was extremely pacifying and rewarding to be able to contribute to the development of a small provincial town like Dilijan.

Most importantly UWCD helped me to understand what I want to do in life. Several eye-opening events like meeting Nobel prize winners before UWC and my time spent in UWC made me focus on Biology, a science that is improving the lives of millions around the globe every day. UWC made me understand that social impact through science is crucial for me. Besides biology, my biggest passion is music. Music is the universal human language that can transmit any emotion with a mind-blowing complexity and be understood by everyone. It helps me to express myself the way I can’t do with words and playing the piano is the best way for me to relax during tough times.

I learned about Lewis and Clark from my close friends who study here, Sona and Milica. With their help, I learned more about the college and understood that it will surely become the right ground to step on and continue growing while carrying the skills and knowledge gained in UWC and contributing to this new community. I am thrilled to see Portland and its diverse and dynamic life and the breathtaking views around it.


P.S. Come visit Armenia!