Richard Moore


Richard Moore BS ’71 and fellow musician Cal Scott BA ’72 performed in fall 2019 at the Northwind Arts Center in Port Townsend, Washington. After meeting at Lewis & Clark, Scott and Moore each pursued careers in music, with their paths frequently crossing. Moore, upon returning from musical tours of Asia and Europe, earned a living doing voice-over work. He has also written and composed a stage musical about Portland and released four albums.


Richard Moore BS ’71 writes: “As tempting as it is to report on all my cool escapades over the last 50 years, it seems a bit self-serving. I wrestle daily with the question, “What if it isn’t all about me?” But if you want to peek through that window, just go to and search moorerichard001. You’ll find a very colorful and musical depiction of my life’s work as a songwriter and dilettante. My latest project is an off-grid tree house on Abiqua Creek, an hour south of Portland. Life is a grand blessing, and retirement is recess with a debit card. Still married to Val Huddleston BA ’70, retired Pio cheerleader and most excellent spouse of 34 years. Stay in touch with your college pals, it’s well worth the effort.”