Alexander Yamina

Alexander Yamina

Senior Principal Prosecution Counsel
LLM ’20

A recipient of our International Advocates Animal Law LLM Scholarship, Mr. Jami, has been a prosecutor for nine years actively practicing at the trial courts, the High Court and the Court of Appeals in Kenya and has worked closely with various law enforcement agencies in the criminal justice system. Mr. Jami holds an LLB degree in Law and a Postgraduate Diploma in Law from the Kenya School of Law. In the course of duty he has attended several local and international professional trainings that have continuously augmented the quality of his work.

Mr. Jami mostly enjoys prosecutions in the “trenches” where in collaboration with law enforcement officers has scored remarkable successes in organized crimes notably international terrorism, trafficking in Narcotics and Wildlife criminal cases. He heads prosecution services in one of the Kenya’s 47 Counties and has been an active a member in several thematic committees within the national prosecution’s office including the Standing Committee on Law Reforms. He has actively contributed to the development of prosecution policies e.g. statutory regulations, Standard Operating Procedures and Prosecution guidelines for Wildlife and Terrorism as well as plea bargaining rules and guidelines. Mr. Jami initially interacted with animal welfare in wildlife prosecutions where he used the first “follow the money” in wildlife prosecution.

In a country that is developing policies to guide its strategic development goals, Mr. Jami looks forward to playing a role in the safeguarding of animal’s welfare by curving animal’s imprints in policy and legislative framework at both the county and national levels and amongst stakeholders.

‘’To say the LLM Animal Law program at Lewis & Clark is meeting my expectations is an understatement. We learn from knowledgeable professors that have practical active experience and passion for animal welfare. It gets interesting and increasingly captivating by the day. I know the real satisfaction will come through reaching out to others in effecting necessary and much needed interventions for animals for the mutual benefit and coexistence with humans.’’