Brenda Sifuentez

Assistant Professor and Program Director

Dr. Sifuentez is currently an Assistant Professor of Student Affairs Administration Master’s Program and teaches in the Educational Leadership Program. Dr. Sifuentez grew up in Eastern Oregon and is the daughter of immigrant farmworkers and her time in the fields with her family is where she saw firsthand injustices. 

She attended the University of Oregon (UO) where her work on changing institutions of higher education began. After graduating from UO, she worked as an organizer for the Oregon Student Association seeking to increase access and affordability to post-secondary institutions for all Oregonians. Before entering her graduate studies, she worked for Portland Jobs with Justice. During her graduate studies, Dr. Sifuentez worked in various roles from orientation to student civic engagement and leadership. Prior to finishing her doctoral degree, she worked for the Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) as a research assistant. In this role, she utilized her experiences in higher education research, assessment, and program evaluation.

At Lewis & Clark College, Dr. Sifuentez teaches courses in foundations of higher education, governance and administration, organizational theory, student development theory, history of leadership, qualitative methods, and minority-serving institutions.

Outside of Lewis & Clark College, Dr. Sifuentez serves as the Senior Associate Editor for About Campus -An ACPA publication. Additionally, she serves as a board member for the Oregon Student Foundation.

Teaching Statement

As a professor, Dr. Sifuentez tries to consistently challenge students. She encourages them to reflect on their own identity as a text to examine racial formation, access to higher education, and other social issues while also using primary and secondary sources to historicize those experiences. Dr. Sifuentez does this by engaging film, music, and other media in the classroom to demonstrate how social and political contexts inform the way they interact with others. Supporting and challenging students is important to Dr. Sifuentez as she strives to create classroom spaces that are stimulating and critical to development.

Areas of Expertise

  • Organization and Governance
  • Hispanic-Serving Institutions
  • Activism and Organizing
  • Assemblage Theory
  • Qualitative Methods & Post-Qualitative Methods

Current Research

  • Examining Hispanic-Serving Institutions in the Pacific Northwest
  • Governance and Social Justice
  • Activism in Higher Education

Dr. Sifuentez’s research agenda is guided by her desire to alter relations of power in institutions of higher education.


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Invited Conference Presentations

Sifuentez, B. (October 2019). Reclaiming campus design plans for social justice. Liberal Arts Chief Diversity Officers Meeting. Portland, OR.

Sifuentez, B. (November 2019). Newly minted and early career scholars. Association for the Study of Higher Education. Portland, OR.

Sifuentez, B. (November 2016). Presidential Session: First Generation Panel. Invited guest speaker by Dr. Shawn Harper to Association of the Study of Higher Education in Denver, CO.

Academic Credentials

PhD in Higher Education, University of Denver

MA in Higher Education Administration and Leadership, California State University, Fresno

BA in Ethnic Studies, University of Oregon