Michael Coiner

Michael Coiner

Marketing Coordinator

Michael started with Public Affairs and Communications in 2019. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, he has been lucky to call Portland home since 2008. He is very grateful for Portland’s beauty, amenities, humidity, and (relative) lack of snow. His bachelor’s degree in English and rhetoric from Eastern Oregon University has provided him with an excellent knowledge base from which he can support marketing efforts for Lewis & Clark.

Because of his inexplicable obsession with databases, Michael helps manage projects and ensure data is available for reporting purposes. He comes to Public Affairs and Communications after almost a decade with Student Support Services. In that role, he honed his database and project management skills helping students receive accommodations and other academic support. Michael has regularly connected students to vital services to help them be successful in their college experience. Presenting helpful information to interested audiences is a passion of his, as is the liberal arts. A liberal arts degree holder himself, Michael believes in the transformative nature of the college experience and loves to share how he feels about it!

In addition to databases, Michael has another inexplicable obsession with all things Canadian. If you want random Canadian trivia, talk to him. Really. He is also enamored with tea (especially Canadian tea). You may find him openly talking about the aforementioned things whether he has an audience or not. As mentioned before, he loves to share information!

Michael is incredibly happy to contribute to the Public Affairs and Communications team!