Diane Blumenfeld-Schaap BA '80

  • 02/07/2020

    Diane Blumenfeld-Schaap BA ’80 has been living, raising a family, working, and playing in the Netherlands since 1992. She transitioned out of complementary health care years ago and became a language professional, returning to her L&C field of interest. Recently published translations from her hand include Fizz: The beginner’s guide to making natural, non-alcoholic fermented drinks (by Barbara Serulus and Elise van Iterson, 2019) and To Hans (by Vivian Keulards, 2020). In her “spare” time, Blumenfeld-Schaap does a fair amount of singing. At the end of 2019 she joined a local group (allied with Threshold Choir) offering simple, beautiful a cappella songs at the bedside of hospice patients.