Lisa Gerlits BA '98

Lisa Diane Gerlits

Posted 02/13/2020

Lisa Gerlits BA ʼ98 offers a heartwarming, lyrical story exploring art, friendship, and loss. Eleven-year-old Clara might be best known as the “girl who draws,” but feels she’s not tortured enough to become a real artist. She believes her only true suffering is a crippling inability to speak in public. But when Clara and her best friend, Orion, break their neighbor’s glass gazing ball, Clara decides that in order to suffer like a real artist, she will do every hard thing in her path—starting with knocking on scary old Mr. Vogelman’s door. That’s when she meets Birdman. That’s when she sees his swirling painting. And that’s when everything changes.

Capstone Editions, 2020. 304 pages.