Student Coordinator Training Weekend

  • Future College Outdoors Trip Leaders

This is the first step to getting involved with leadership with College Outdoors! Throughout the weekend we will focus on strengthening a variety of important skills such as navigation, camp stoves, group dynamics, learning CO systems/checklists, and getting to know the Sequoia warehouse. We’ll spend Saturday on campus and at a nearby park to practice navigation, before returning to campus for the evening. On Sunday you’ll apply the skills you learned an hike to one of the areas great hiking destinations (the location will be decided based on weather).

How to Register

To be eligible for registration, you must be involved with the College Outdoors Leadership Ladder program by completing a Student Coordinator Application form and a Trip Preference form for the current semester. 

No experience is necessary! We’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to start helping out on College Outdoors trips as a Student Coordinator.

Trip Type

Day Trip

Physical Demands

Participants should be prepared to sit, stand, and hike 4-8 miles outdoors on uneven trails, carrying day packs. Hiking distance and speed will vary based on the group and weather conditions.

Accessibility accommodations are available, contact

What to Expect

  • Sleeping indoors
  • Sleeping outdoors
  • Electricity
  • Wifi
  • Cell phone service
  • Heating
  • Beds
  • Bathrooms
  • Gender-inclusive bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Food for any Dietary Restrictions


Pre-Trip Meeting

College Outdoors trips have a Pre-Trip Meeting (PTM) prior to the trip to help you prepare, which takes place at the Sequoia warehouse on the Graduate Campus.

At this meeting you’ll meet the trip leaders and other participants, learn more about the trip activity, location, and schedule, and be given a packing list of everything you need for your trip. The trip leaders and Sequoia staff will then help you find and borrow anything on the packing list that you’d like to borrow. We have high-quality outdoor clothing and equipment, and it’s all free to use for your trip!

If you miss a Pre-Trip Meeting, check your email for important info you missed. 

Sequoia Warehouse

Sequoia is the College Outdoors warehouse, located on the Graduate Campus. Everything you’ll need is available for free when you come on a College Outdoors Trip. At Sequoia you will find:

  • Clothing needed for your trip, including any relevant outerwear and specialty items needed for the activity. Sizes range from XS - XXL and come in gendered an non-gendered designs. 
  • Gear needed for your trip, such as sleeping bags, backpacks, water bottles, and much much more.
  • Equipment such as tents, cookware, first-aid kits, and boats, which trip leaders will pack for each trip as needed.
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms, which can also be used as changing rooms.
  • Staff available to answer your questions.