Beyond Portlandia: Racial Justice

  • Image shows a chalk drawing an pavement. It shows a heard around the name Keaton Otis. Around the heart is written "Killed by police at this intersection."
  • Image shows students and faculty posing in front of a colorful mural.
  • Image shows a logo with colorful silhouettes of faces encircled by broken chains. Text below the logo reads, "Race Talks, uniting to break the chains of racism".
  • Image shows students checkin in to attend an NAACP conference.
  • Image shows a group of people marching. In the front is a woman in a yellow shirt and and bluejeans talking to the crowd. Signs read "Defend Philippine Soverenty" and "Climate Justice"

How does one of the whitest cities in the country approach race & racial justice? Join this trip to learn about local Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC)-led efforts for change. Including mutual aid work, arts projects, housing and health reform work, Portland’s racial justice movement is multifaceted and innovative! Students of all races are encouraged to participate. Read the detailed trip description to learn more.

Trip Specifics

Dates: Thursday, Aug. 19 - Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2021

Cost: $50 - $550. Need-based financial aid is applied on a sliding scale for those who qualify. Vegan and non-medical specialty diets have an additional $30 charge. Vegetarian diets and food allergies do not have an additional fee.

Rigor: Low

Equipment & Packing List

Required Forms

These forms can be completed only after you have received a trip placement email, and are due by Wednesday, July 22nd. To complete these forms, you’ll need to have your email set up, and you’ll be prompted to log-in to the Engage LC platform.