COVID-19 Monitoring, Isolation and Quarantine Requirements for Lewis & Clark Employees, Academic Year 2021–22

Lewis & Clark is committed to the health and safety of its workforce. Surveillance, isolation, testing, quarantine, and contact tracing are at the heart of an effective public health response to COVID-19. The following document articulates expectations and guidance for Lewis & Clark employees related to these topics.

I. Definitions: Isolation and Quarantine

  1. “Isolation” involves an employee isolating themselves from other community members due to symptoms of infectious disease. Such isolation is achieved, for example, by employees not physically reporting to work on campus.
  2. “Quarantine” involves an employee who is asymptomatic, but who has potentially been exposed to an infectious disease, separating themselves from all other people.

II. Self-Monitoring for Symptoms

Lewis & Clark employees are expected to understand all symptoms of COVID-19 and self-monitor for those symptoms on a daily basis, prior to departing for work.  Employees may find the current list of symptoms on the CDC website. At the first sign of illness (including, but not limited to, a temperature of 100.4 degrees F (38 degrees C) or above), employees are expected to self-isolate, consult with a health care provider, and follow the directions of that healthcare provider regarding the duration of isolation and the need for testing.

III. Reporting of Illness or Quarantine

Employees who are encouraged by their health care professional or a public health authority to isolate or quarantine and who anticipate missing work duties should contact their supervisor as soon as possible, and e-mail Human Resources. Employees are responsible for following the guidance of their health care provider regarding the duration of their period of isolation or quarantine.

Employees must report all confirmed or presumptive diagnoses of COVID-19 to Human Resources.

IV. Response to Confirmed Employee Case of COVID-19

(This same response will be followed in response to any case where a health authority has made a presumptive diagnosis of COVID-19, in the absence of testing.)

Employees who test positive for COVID-19 are expected to cooperate with public health officials in the process of contact tracing. Infected employees are similarly expected to cooperate with Human Resources staff in their efforts to identify other employees who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

As soon as possible following notification, the Associate Vice President for Human Resources will delegate the case for review to a Case Review Team (CRT) consisting of the Health Service Director, the Occupational Health and Safety Manager, and the Leave Administrator for Human Resources.

This team will conduct a review of the employee’s situation and workplace. The CRT will make recommendations to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources regarding 1) community communication, if necessary, to inform community members who might be at risk from exposure; and 2) further mitigation efforts (i.e., workplace disinfection, potential testing of employees, recommendations regarding the need for isolation or quarantine).

The Associate Vice President for Human Resources, in conjunction with the Associate Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications, will develop a communication plan when necessary to inform community members who might be at risk from exposure from an individual who is reasonably suspected of infection. The identity of the ill employee will not be directly disclosed in such communication.

Employees with symptoms, as well as those who suspect exposure to someone with COVID-19, may return to work only when permitted by guidance on the CDC website or the guidance of their health care provider.

V. Failure to Adhere to this Policy

Failure by employees to adhere to this policy has the potential to put community members’ lives at risk, and may be grounds for disciplinary action.

VI. Leave for Employees

Employees who are in isolation or quarantine, or who are symptomatic and awaiting test results, must use available paid leave as provided in Lewis & Clark policies and relevant collective bargaining agreements. These employees may also talk with their supervisor regarding the feasibility of telecommuting. Any employee who lacks adequate accrued paid leave to cover the necessary period of absence is encouraged to talk with Human Resources to explore available options.

Human Resources will retain a roster of all faculty and staff who have reported positive diagnoses, or the need for isolation or quarantine, and will provide support and guidance to these employees as needed.

Employees should also reference existing institutional policies on sick leave and family leave.