Sexual Misconduct Policy, Section IV: Interim Measures (Supportive Measures and Protective Measures)

A. Overview

Upon receipt of a report, the College will take reasonable and appropriate interim measures designed to remedy a hostile environment and protect the parties involved. The College will make reasonable efforts to communicate with the parties to ensure that all safety, emotional, and physical well-being concerns are being addressed. Supportive measures are available regardless of whether formal disciplinary action is sought by the Reporting Party. Supportive measures will be designed to address the impact of conduct. Interim protective measures will be designed to minimize the impact on the parties.

B. Supportive Measures

  • Access to on-campus counseling services and assistance with referrals to off-campus care
  • Rescheduling of exams and assignments (in conjunction with appropriate faculty)
  • Providing alternative course completion options (with the agreement of the appropriate faculty)
  • Change in class schedule, including the ability to take an “incomplete,” drop a course without penalty or transfer sections (with the agreement of the appropriate faculty)
  • Change in work schedule or job assignment
  • Change in on-campus housing
  • Arranging to dissolve a housing contract and pro-rating a refund in accordance with campus housing policies
  • Assistance from College support staff in completing housing relocation
  • Voluntary leave of absence
  • Providing an escort to ensure safe movement between classes, activities, and employment responsibilities
  • Providing student health services
  • Providing academic support services, such as tutoring

C. Interim Protective Measures

Interim protective measures will be implemented at the discretion of the College, and designed for the safety of the individuals and the campus community. Any interim protective measure may be appealed to the Vice President for Student Life.

A Reporting Party or Respondent may request a No-Contact Letter or other protection, or the College may choose to impose interim protective measures at its discretion to ensure the safety of all parties, the broader College community and/or the integrity of the process.

All individuals are encouraged to report concerns about failure of another individual to abide by any restrictions imposed by an interim measure. The College will take immediate and responsive action to enforce a previously implemented measure.

Interim protective measures may include:

  • Imposition of campus No-Contact Letter
  • Interim suspension or College-imposed leave
  • Limit an individual or organization’s access to certain College facilities or activities pending resolution of the matter
  • Any other measure that can be tailored to the involved individuals to achieve the goals of this policy.

D. Interim Suspension or Separation

Where the report of prohibited conduct poses a substantial and immediate threat of harm to the safety of an individual, members of the campus community, or the performance of normal College functions, the College may place a student or student organization on interim suspension, or may impose leave for an employee. Pending resolution of the report, the individual or organization may be denied access to campus, campus facilities and/or all other College activities or privileges for which they might otherwise be eligible, as the College determines appropriate. When interim suspension or leave is imposed, the College will make reasonable efforts to complete the investigation and resolution within an expedited time frame.

The full provisions for Interim Suspension for students are contained in the Code of Conduct. Provisions for suspension of faculty members are contained in the Faculty Handbook. Staff may be placed on leave at the discretion of the College.