Caroline Gray


Caroline Gray BA ’17 is a senior researcher and producer at Eurasia Group Foundation. It’s an organization that seeks to connect disenfranchised people with digestible information about geopolitical issues, as well as to create opportunities for young and disadvantaged people to engage in the global landscape and politics. Previously, Gray worked on the Truman National Security Project in Washington, D.C.


Caroline Gray BA ’17, research associate with the Eurasia Group Foundation, coauthored the foundation’s report “Democracy in Disarray: How the World Sees the U.S. and Its Example.” In June 2021, she joined Christopher Preble, codirector of the New American Engagement Initiative (NAEI), to discuss the report as a part of the NAEI’s Future Foreign Policy series.


Caroline Gray BA ’17 works for the Eurasia Group Foundation as a research associate and is also producer of the organization’s podcast, None of the Above. In August 2020, her piece “Biden, Trump and Our Forever Wars: We Must Press the Candidates to Make Good on a Critical Commitment” was published in the New York Daily News