Carrsyn Haley

UWC attended: Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific (Canada)
Class Year: Class of 2024

My name is Carrsyn, I am from the east coast of Canada and I have spent the last two years studying at Pearson College. I have loved every moment at Pearson, however, the best part had to have been meeting so many amazing people from around the world. It was such a great opportunity to learn about many cultures first hand and become family with people who come from various backgrounds. I loved the sense of community and solidarity that we all shared. At any moment you could go to anyone in the community for advice or help. Although challenging at times with so many different opinions, it allowed me to learn and see different perspectives. These past two years have allowed me to discover a new side of myself through performances, debates, experiments, and countless other activities.

I want to study at Lewis & Clark because I feel that it is an environment similar to that of Pearson. I want to continue learning in a tight-knit community and be surrounded by the beauty of nature. I also love the small class sizes. Overall, I believe that these past two years have given me essential skills that will help me to thrive. I am interested in both the social and natural sciences and I want to continue studying both. It is my desire to major in biochemistry, but through further exploration, I am always open to new pathways.

Outside of the classroom, I have many hobbies such as writing and painting. Fitness is also a big passion of mine. I played basketball in high school and at Pearson, I spent a lot of my time in the gym. I want to continue staying active at Lewis & Clark whether that be through hikes, workouts, or sports. My goal for the next four years is to be active in all aspects of the pioneer community and learn more about myself as well as others. I look forward to these next few years and am excited to explore my new home.