Jose Maidana Cejas

Jose Maidana Cejas

UWC attended: Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific (Canada)
Class Year: Class of 2024

For me, it is always hard to define experiences at UWC. Pearson College included plenty of tearful and joyful moments, from the freshy salted breeze by the bay in the mornings to the shine of the stars at night. What surely made my experiences worth it, were the people and understanding that regardless of our name or will, we share common dreams and fears. I fully enjoyed every late-night rant at the cafeteria, the spontaneous thematic dance parties at the residences, classrooms and hallways, bonfires and storytelling into the rainforest, and the striking intimate conversations that showed us true and vulnerable.

Whilst researching colleges and universities and where to apply, and having decided that pursuing my education in the United States was an option and opportunity I wanted to try and take, Lewis & Clark always stood out to me due to several factors. The wonders of the Pacific Northwest caught my attention and being in a place surrounded by nature and a vivid community was really important. I have an interest for learning languages and understanding more about the importance of a language and its influence in our behaviour, interactions and perceptions of the world. I am looking into majoring in World Languages and Literatures and maybe pursuing a minor in Ethnic or Health Studies. However, I am also very passionate about studying more about the social fabrics we develop ourselves in and pursue education in the Social Work field afterwards, so I am also considering majoring in Psychology and I would like to explore these issues from a clinical and medical perspective sometime.

I enjoy pretty much having an active social life outside the classroom because I learn and discover as much as I allow myself to do, so I am eager to get involved with social organizations and clubs in Portland, especially the ones invested in working with youth and vulnerable communities. I would love to continue learning ASL too, which has been extremely eye opening and fulfilling experience, so I am really looking into it!

One thing I have been told is that I am a great cook. I think I cook and bake decently well and love to do so! So I am always up for cooking with and for friends.

Most of the travels I’ve had were back and forth from my hometown in the Andean Region of Argentina and BC in Canada. I had the chance to visit Washington State, too, and went through wonderful tiny towns on my way to a conference about Gender and Inequality where I was an invited young speaker. I was planning on having a road trip through the mountains and valleys around my home province and travel to the Patagonian region during winter. Hopefully I will accomplish this one day.

At Lewis & Clark I want to find a community I call home far from home, where I feel comfortable and learn new things on a daily basis.