Backpack Oregon’s Canyonlands

  • Picture shows a woman with glasses in a blue shirt on the bottom right side of the image. She is sitting on a rock and smiling towards the camera. Behind her in the center of the image is a view of a river canyon.
  • Picture shows an above view of a desert canyon. The canyon sides are mostly brown and barren and at the bottom, there is a river winding through the canyon through the center of the image.
  • Picture shows two clusters of people wearing backpacks posing for the picture. They are split into two groups with one on each side of the image. There is a view of Mt Hood in the distance between them.
  • Picture shows three people sitting in a setup camp kitchen. Two of them are leaning against a log on the ground looking over their shoulders toward the camera and the other is sitting on the dirt on the other side of the kitchen. They are surrounded by a bunch of camp kitchen items.
  • Picture shows seven people in the center of the image posing in front of a rock formation. There is a large crevice in the rock wall that the people are standing and sitting inside with their arms stretched out to balance and pose for the photo.
  • Picture shows a line of backpackers walking down a trail from the left side of the image towards the right side. Behind them is a stunning view of Oregon’s Canyonlands including a tall rock formation in the upper left side of the image that is towering above some shrubbery and the hikers.
  • Picture shows two women posing on a rock. One woman in a blue shirt is standing on one leg on a ledge on the rock wall. She has her arms spread out and one leg stretched up towards her hands. The other woman in a yellow shirt and sunglasses is crouching below with her arms posed up like a squirrel.
  • Picture shows two men in the center of the image wearing backpacking backpacks and smiling at the camera. In the left side of the image, another person's backpack can be seen. There are tall trees in the background.

Visit a spectacular arid canyon as spring blossoms in the high desert. We’ll head east to the “rain shadow” of the Cascade mountains, where we can expect dry sunny weather and plenty of wildflowers. The canyon walls tower above your camp here, making it feel like you’re in a smaller version of the Grand Canyon. This proposed wilderness area features striking views, fragrant sage brush, and one of the largest natural springs in eastern Oregon. Each day we’ll hike through this remarkable landscape carrying everything we need on our backs, and sleep in tents at night. Read the detailed trip description to learn more.

Trip Specifics

Dates: Saturday, May 8 - Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Cost: $50 - $295. Need-based financial aid is applied on a sliding scale for those who qualify. 

Rigor: High

Equipment & Packing List

Required Forms

These forms can be completed only after you have received a trip placement email, and are due by Monday, March 15th. To complete these forms, you’ll need to log-in to the Engage LC platform using your email.

  • Waiver
  • Equipment Request
  • Travel Plans

Trip Pictures

Check out pictures from other times we’ve gone here! Note that this trip is all backpacking, it doesn’t include the kayaking shown in some of these albums.