Kermit McCarthy BA ’71


Kermit McCarthy BA ’71 writes: “I retired in 2013 after 33 years working for and then managing the Oregon OSHA Occupational Health Lab. I took the substantial expertise I had in assessing workplace exposure to health hazards and built a house on some family property on the north side of Mount Hood, something I had no expertise in at all! After several significant snowfalls, the house is still standing, but six years later it is not completely finished. I got a lot of help from my oldest daughter, who is a carpenter, which may explain why it is still standing. When I am not building the house, I hike, ski, backpack, bike, explore the back roads of Oregon and Washington, and digitize my old 8-mm movies and 35-mm slides and those of my parents. Maria Hein BA ’74 has accompanied me on most of these adventures for the last five decades.”