Backpack Badger Creek Wilderness

  • Image shows seven people on the right side of the photo posing together. Behind them on the left, there is a view of Mt Hood and blue skies.
  • Image shows a woman in a blue rain jacket crouched over examining a large patch of bright green moss.
  • Image shows two people wearing backpacking packs walking away from the camera on a trail in the forest in the center of the image. They are surrounded by tall trees and sunlight is shining through the trees.
  • Image shows a line of people on the right side of the image. They are standing on a forest trail, looking up at trees in the distance.

Badger Creek is a little-known wilderness area on the east side of Mt Hood. It contains a working fire lookout tower, streams and several lakes, and expanses of park-like, east side of the Cascades forests. The weather is always drier and sunnier here than the west side of the Cascade Mountains. Mid-May is the time of year you can find morel mushrooms in this wilderness, tiny wild orchids, and the vibrant green color of spring on each vine maple’s branches. Snow still lingers in the highest elevations of Badger Creek, and Mt. Hood rises leviathan-like nearby. Miles of trails, usually devoid of any other people, are found here. Each day we’ll hike through this remarkable landscape carrying everything we need on our backs, and sleep in tents at night. Read the detailed trip description to learn more.


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Trip Specifics

Dates: Saturday, May 8 - Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Cost: $295. Need-based financial aid is applied on a sliding scale for those who qualify. 

Rigor: High

Equipment & Packing List

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Trip Pictures

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