Zack Sessions


Zack Sessions BA ’12 earned his doctor of pharmacy in 2019 from the University of Illinois at Chicago. After graduation, he began work at the College of American Pathologists (CAP), where he helps manage the 100+ CAP Cancer Protocols used by physicians worldwide to diagnose, grade, stage, determine biomarkers, and effectively report the most pertinent information for malignant tumors of all types. He recently started a position as a medical science liaison with GlaxoSmithKline on the hematology/oncology field medical team.

Posted 03/16/2021

Zack Sessions BA ’19 coauthors and coedits this paper in the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Journal of Clinical Oncology. The College of American Pathologists Cancer Protocols have offered guidance to pathologists for standard cancer pathology reporting for more than 35 years. The adoption of computer readable versions of these protocols by electronic health record and laboratory information system (LIS) vendors has provided a mechanism for pathologists to report within their LIS workflow, in addition to enabling standardized structured data capture and reporting to downstream consumers of these data such as the cancer surveillance community. This paper reviews the history of the Cancer Protocols and electronic Cancer Checklists; outlines the current use of these critically important cancer case reporting tools; and examines future directions, including plans to help improve the integration of the Cancer Protocols into clinical, public health, research, and other workflows.

ASCO Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2021. 8 pages.