Flavio De Pina Soares de Carvalho

3. Candidate for ISLC Representative to ASLC: Flavio De Pina Soares de Carvalho

If elected as your representative to ASLC, I want to work on two things.

First, I want to ensure that International Students are viewed as individuals and not first and foremost as International Students. In the United States a sort of tribalism has developed, where everyone firstly identifies as either their race, ethnicity or gender. I want to be viewed as an individual, not primarily as a POC or as Austrian. Similarly, the International Students often get grouped in and the unique aspects of each of us gets lost in the eyes of many LC students. Hence, I want to further the cause of individuality.

Second, since most of us cannot work off campus we make up a large percentage of the workforce at this school, a thing that I and many others are grateful for. I want to ensure that this privilege can be expanded. Ensuring the best conditions and opening a wider range of positions for us to work at would be a good start, to give back to the community – and to get paid.