Discover Coastal Rainforests & Beaches

  • Jumping for joy on the beach
  • View of the rocky coastline at sunset
  • Students hike in the forest at the Oregon Coast
  • A student looks out at the ocean, with the coast reflected in his sunglasses
  • Students hike along a bluff overlooking the ocean
    Hunter William Paul Feiss

The Oregon Coast offers a diverse landscape of sandy beaches, powerful waves crashing against rocky bluffs, tide pools, and coastal rainforests. You’ll get to explore the coastline, as well as relax at the isolated ocean-front camp where we’ll be staying. Keep an eye out for elk, beaver, deer, eagles, great blue herons, and possibly even whales. Explore miles of rugged, sparsely populated beaches offering a discerning beachcomber hidden agates after storms. Watch Pacific Ocean swells roll in from from the distant horizon.  Come see why the Oregon Coast is a premiere destination for outdoor enthusiasts! You’ll stay at a camp-type facility, with beds in rustic cabins, showers, bathrooms, and a dining hall. You’ll spend time bonding with your small group, and also meet other new students who’s trip is based at this location.  Read the detailed trip description to learn more.  

Trip Specifics

Dates: Friday, Aug. 19 - Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2022

Cost: $850. Need-based financial aid is applied on a sliding scale for those who qualify. Vegan and non-medical specialty diets have an additional $30 charge. Vegetarian diets and food allergies do not have an additional fee.

Rigor: Low-Moderate

Equipment & Packing List

Required Forms

These forms can be completed only after you have received a trip placement email, and are due by Wednesday, June 29th.

Waiver Equipment Request Travel Plans


*Vaccination & Booster against Covid-19 are required for participation*

Upload your Vax card to the LC Patient portal by Wednesday, June 29th.

Trip Pictures

2022 will be the first year of this NST at this new great location! Here are some pics from similar trips to a nearby area: